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Eminem's Life.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born in Kansas City, Missouri, USA on October 17, 1972. His parents, Marshall Mathers II and Debbie Mathers marriage only lasted one year. Marshall's father walked out of his life when he was six months old and he has not seen his father sence then. Although he only new his father for six months, Marshall suffered a lot from his fathers absence. Marshall's grandmother say's that she remembers him giving her pictures he had drawn to give to his father . As a teenager Marshall tried to reach his father, He offen would write letters to his dad, But they would always just be sent back to him. When his dad left, Marshall's mother left him to his great aunt Edna without any notice to the father. He was supposed to be taking a job as a hotel manager in North Dakota but when he returned there was nothing but an empty apartment. Marshall's mother came into his life again just before his fifth birthday. He spent his childhood moving back and forth between Kansas City and Metro Detroit. He attended Lincoln High School in Warren. Marshall grew up being bullied by the other children. He was once put in a coma due to a fight he had gotten into with a bully. Although people may think otherwise,  Marshall was not always in trouble with the law, His first charge was laid when he was 20 after shooting a paintball at a police car. Marshall had no male role-model because of his fathers absence, Untill he was re-united with his uncle Ronnie. His uncle was the one who gave him the dream of becoming a raper. Eminem prusued his dream and dropped out of school at the age 17 to become a raper. Marshall held onto that dream, Untill he almost let it go. Ronnie had passed away and Marshall was torn, He had no other reason to presu his dream, Untill the birth of his daughter Hailie Jade. Hailie was and still is Marshall's sun on a rainy day. He has been there for her at all her school events and sometimes reads to her class. Hailie is Marshall's concious of his responsibility toward the family and being a dad. Marshall's biggest fear is being seperated from his daughter. This is what he stated: "i guess ive always been the type of person who,if a brick is thrown my way,i set up the wrong way and stand on it. Whatever obsticle is thrown my way i try to use it to my advantage and run with it.It was a dark time for me , i guess,but i can honistly say i probrably wouldbe a different person sitting here right now if it wasn´t for my little girl " Marshall was descovered by raper Dr. Dre and they have many songs together. Marshall is now consitered to be the number one raper in the world. Now that Marshall is famous his dad has been trying to re-connect with him, His dad states though that he does not want one cent of Marshall's money and he found him because he was famous and his son showed him a picture of him in an add. He says that he had never stopped looking for his son and that he wants to meet with him soon. Marshall has also found that he has a half brother and sister, Sarah and Micheal. Marshall now goes by "Eminem" as a stage name and "Slim Shady".  Eminem is now one of the first sucesfull  white rapers. Eminem is simply  Marshall's initials spelled out, He choose this so that he would not be sued by the candy company that own's "M & M's" Slim Shady was choosen as Marshall's alter ego, His meaner and more agresive side.